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Our Advantage

aq_block_1-Dedicated Hosting for SaaS Providers

Dedicated Hosting for SaaS Providers

  • Host Lync enterprise voice in your datacenter or public cloud
  • White label our services with your brand
  • Generate a new revenue channel
  • No special hardware including PBX and SBC are required
aq_block_1-Multi-tenant Setup for Office 365 Customers

Multi-tenant Setup for Office 365 Customers

  • Lync enterprise voice capabilities for Office 365
  • Secure dial-in conferencing numbers
  • Voicemail transcription to Office 365 email account
  • Lync integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online to initiate one-click communication

aq_block_1-Dedicated Setup for Enterprises

Dedicated Setup for Enterprises

  • On-premises, datacenters, and public cloud Lync enterprise voice with no special hardware
  • Set up and configuration on physical or virtual machines
  • Support for Lync phones (Polycom, Snom, HP), smartphones, tablets, PCs

aq_block_1-Private and Public Cloud Lync Hosting

Private and Public Cloud Lync Hosting

  • Lync enterprise voice on public and private Cloud (Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services)
  • No special hardware required
  • Create highly available, fault-tolerant solutions load-balanced across geographical locations

Our Products

Whether it's solving your Cloud PBX needs or setting you up with hosted Microsoft Lync with SIP trunking, VOIP Connections offers products to enable the small and medium businesses with benefits that work in your favor. Don't just take our word for it. Believe it from the words of a happy customer below.

“The phone system is like infrastructure for us. It is reliable and provides basic communication. It works flawlessly, so I don’t have to think about it. I have already referred VOIP Connections to people I know and will continue to do so for small-tier to mid-level businesses.”Dennis Bato, Director of Hivemine

Microsoft Lync

Microsoft® Lync® is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform. Lync connects hundreds of millions of people everywhere as part of their everyday productivity experience.

Lync provides a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and a great meeting experience. Lync delivers an experience that is different from any other Unified Communications solution in the industry with best-of-breed integration in the Microsoft Office suite. Users familiar Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will find that learning how to use Lync will be easy because it is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Office.

With Lync as the unified communications platform, IT administrators are able to modernize their operations and simplify administration with Active Directory, common data store, and a shared set of archive and compliance tools, across multiple UC components (e.g. email and instant messaging).

Our solution provides PSTN connectivity and DIDs to Lync users without the need for any specialized hardware like SBC, PBX and PRI & T1 lines.

Unlimited Extension


  • per month, per extension
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • This is our most popular plan for Office 365. It covers an unlimited inbound and outbound calls for one low price each month.

SIP Channels


  • per month, per extension
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • This plan includes SIP Channels for Hosted Lync on-prem, Private Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

A New Way to PBX

VOIP Connections offers specific services to small business that fit into the business model and encourages it towards profits. If you are wondering how this is different from the traditional phone lines, well, it is a phone system that works over the Internet. The advantages of this phone system are that it saves time and money on setup and equipment. Other than that, you also get a better set of business-class features within a limited monthly amount. This works with a variety of IP phones, and is incredibly scalable so that as you grow, your phone system goes hand-in-hand with you.

Virtual Extension


  • per month, per extension
  • $0.03 per minute
  • For workers who don’t need an office phone – easily integrate cell phones into your business VoIP system.

Metered Extension


  • per month, per extension
  • $0.03 per minute
  • This pay per minute plan is ideal for extensions that are used less frequently or primarily for internal calls.

Unlimited Extension


  • per month, per extension
  • Unlimited minutes
  • Our most popular plan; covers an unlimited inbound and outbound calls for one low price each month.

Customer Words

“Service responses have been very quick. They’ve accommodated all our requests and questions with personal attention and promptness. This has been the biggest plus of our satisfaction with the system.”
Donna Ballard, Principal, Cougar Mountain Academy
"We’ve been customers of VOIP Connections for two years, and we rate our satisfaction with the system overall at a nine and our satisfaction with the performance of the system at an eight. We would absolutely recommend VOIP Connections to whoever enquires with us.”
Mrs. Olsen, Registrar, Cougar Mountain Academy
“They provide multiparty conferencing facilities through a unified system that controls all aspects of our communication. Vonage approached us with new discounts to switch back to them, but we refused.”
Amarendra Reddy, CEO of Schakra, Inc.
“The phone system is like infrastructure for us. It works flawlessly, so I don’t have to think about it. I have already referred VOIP Connections to people I know and will continue to do so for small-tier to mid-level businesses.”
Dennis Bato, Director of Hivemine

Our Solutions

Industry Solutions

When your business rings to the right tone

We take pride in the fact that VOIP Connections has been connecting people from different industries, both small and medium businesses through the United States, UK, Japan, India, Chile, Qatar, Scotland with effective VoIP phone systems and applications. Know what our customers think about our services here.

Consulting houses have specific requirements from the VoIP system to facilitate their entrepreneurial workings. VOIP Connections has proven its efficacy and functionality to benefit this sector. A feature that is most sought after amongst consulting houses is the movability of a desk VoIP phone. As it can be moved to anywhere there is a high speed internet connection. You can retain your number while moving your phone and have the freedom to make and receive calls no matter what part of the country they are in. Consultants have the accessibility to carry their phones to their client location without disrupting the flow of work or any change of number.

E-Commerce is a booming industry that is evolving every single day in the dynamic internet age. As and when business transactions take place over e-commerce portals, queries are generated. Customer assistance is a very important platform that this industry relies on.

A VoIP system can prove to be of great value to the business. The Click-to-call function that is available on e-commerce portals benefits customers to connect with the brand within seconds. This widget is easy to incorporate on the website and positively impacts the clicks. It results in increased call-connections with the brand and far less terminated clicks. As a result it is seen that there is an overall increase in customer traffic.

It is personal touch that makes a big difference to this industry. VOIP Connections’ features like the customization tool to inform about the company, hours of operations, directions, etc. are best suited for this industry. As there are seasonal highs and lows encountered in this industry, a flexible VoIP system option is a great choice to benefit from. VOIP Connections draws a quick connect with the hospitality industry with unlimited or metered extensions that help monitor calls according to the season’s needs. Moreover, VOIP Connections calling system help log the guest calls made and charge them accordingly.

Recruiting as a business involves human networking to a large extent. Recruiters make a number of calls and are constantly establishing connections with prospective clients and recruits. This makes it mandatory to make provisions for unlimited calling. VOIP Connections makes it smooth for recruiters with its basic features and add-ons. VOIP Connections deters rigidity and encourages flexible ways of communicating for you.

Real estate agents are the ones who manage their calls both on-site and in office premises. Customers may try to get in touch with agents at odd times, and missing out on a client call may prove dear. To avoid situations like these, VOIP Connections offers the real estate companies with functions that help manage customer calls at all times. Provisions like forwarding business call to their mobile number or simultaneous ringer alert on their business phone and mobile phone is sure to be a boon.

Vast spaces need better connectivity. Warehouses and Distribution centers that spread across acres face the challenge to bring everyone under the roof in accessible positions.

VOIP Connections steps into such spaces supporting the Panasonic TGP 550 base station and cordless handset which is a superior grade business cordless phone. This helps employees deal with clients while on the move.

It is easy on the pocket and clear to the ear. A benefit you wouldn’t want to hide away from.

Mobile Devices

Work while on the go with mobile applications.

Stay connected with your office through your mobile phone. Bring time on your side and double your productivity while on the move. You’d be glad to know that VOIP Connections’ services work fluently with VOIP phone apps like Bria and ZolPer available on iOS, Android and Windows Mobile phones. This not only makes your life easy but also gives you functionalities present at your desk. Personalize your account settings to suit your requirements and begin using features on the go.

Business Management

Influencing Business

Working towards what matters most to you – ROI on VoIP

Every business works to get maximum return on the investments made. You already have an idea on what VoIP systems can do for you. Now, acquaint yourself a little more to earn maximum benefits. On connecting with VOIP Connections’ hosted PBX phone plans, here is how your business benefits. Online Customer Portal – Gives you the advantage to view employees’ call logs, call recordings and much more. You can keep a regular check on the call volume, the quality of the calls and tap the sales volumes that are building on with each call. Track the missed calls and voicemails that are awaiting you. Your growing business can always benefit from the more advanced features available at a low cost. These offer a hand to manage the large volumes of calls and simultaneously check the quality of your calls.


Encouraging small businesses with resourceful teleworking phone systems

The right concoction of functions, tools and services at the right time can enable teleworking for small businesses.

Telework with VOIP Connections Hosted PBX.

Operating from your office or home, the choice is yours. We make all the provisions to let you make that comfortable choice.

  • One Extension- Multiple Lines – Convenience, wherever you are. Setting your office phone, home phone for official purposes, and cell phone on the same extension lets you make official calls at your ease. The function assists you with flexibility.
  • Dashboard – Want to change your settings? Personalize it as per your requirements.
  • Company Call Recording – Track back to any business related discussions that have taken place. Identify and monitor the proceedings to improve your business.

Our Customers

Your success is our success. Whether you're a partner or a customer, we value our relationship and are grateful for the opportunity to work with you. Let us if know there's anything more we can do to exceed your expectations.Balaji NJL, VoIP Connections CEO

The Team

Ojasvi Sinha, MCA

Director of Services

Where will you be when the next big wave of the “Internet of All Things” hits us? Will you still be using a landline? Call us to now to talk about getting you set up for the future.

Lisa White

Director of Operations

Operating from your office or home, the choice is yours. We make all the provisions to let you make that comfortable choice. I know this because that’s how I run our operations.

Balaji NJL

Balaji NJL

Chief Executive Officer

Your  ROI on VoIP is what I care about. If you haven’t decided on a VOIP implementation for your company yet and want to understand the benefits of VOIP, call me.

Nagesh Venkata

CEO, Operations India

Communication Technology is fuelling Globalisation! The world is shrinking, so should your costs! Virtually unifying your global teams is my mission! Mobility and productivity gain is our commitment.

Lalitraj Mujumdar

VP, Sales and Marketing

A good relationship starts with good communication. Seeing is better than hearing! We at VOIP Connections Unify Global Teams, we ensure everyone is on the same page literally!

Who We Are

VOIP Connection is one of largest VOIP service provider dedicated to 'Connecting Enterprises' across the globe. The company is located in Seattle, WA, USA, home to some of the greatest companies in the world. Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Starbucks are some of them.

VOIP Connections was formed by ex Microsoft executives who strongly believe that VOIP is going to be next Internet of the world. VOIP will change the way we communicate with one another. Traditional phone numbers and phone lines are going to be history.

If you haven't decided whether VOIP can be implemented for your company and want to understand the benefits of VOIP, contact us. We can do a 'Return of Investment' (ROI) and show you the benefits of implementing VOIP for your company.

VOIP Connections is currently a privately owned company. If you are interested in investing in VOIP Connections, contact our ‘Investor Relations’ department by email at ‘ You can also reach us by phone at 425.201.1100.Investor Relations Team


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