How to prevent regular Skype from Hijacking tel and callto monikers

When users have Skype and ‘Skype for Business’ on same machine, Skype hijacks tel and callto monikers. It will prevent them to click a phone number on the web page and allow ‘Skype for Business’ to dial that number, instead Skype will dial that number.

To avoid regular Skype from Hijacking tel and callto monikers, please follow the steps below –

  1. In the Skype Application window in the menu bar, click Tools and select Options under it.


  1. A new window opens up. In the left pane of menus at the bottom, click on Advanced.
  1. Uncheck the two check boxes highlighted in the image below.


By doing this, regular Skype will not hijack the tel and callto monikers and allow Skype for Business to make calls on the web.