How to use VOIP Connections Partner Portal for LYNC/ Skype for Business Administrators

As a LYNC/ Skype for Business Admin, you will be creating and managing users in your company and with this document VOIP Connections is explaining the do’s and don’ts of Lync/Skype for Business User management.

For instructions related to SIP portal, please refer to this VOIP Connections blog –

Use Partner Portal to manage your users:

Portal URL:

Username: username

Password: password

(This username and password for each administrator of the company is provided by VOIP Connections. For support, email us at

After you have successfully logged in, the homepage is similar to the image below with your company details.


In the left pane under “Manage Lync Server” click Lync Organizations. The list of organizations is displayed.

VOIP Connections- Manage Lync Server

VOIP Connections- Manage Lync Server

NOTE: Resellers account users will display the all the domains accessible for them and the User having a single domain will be able to see their only domain in the screen below. Please select the domain carefully to make the edits.

VOIP Connections -Lync enabled organisations


VOIP Connections -Lync enabled organisations

To see the list of users Left Click on the desired organization and then Lync users in the sub menu.

VOIP Connections-List of users

VOIP Connections-List of users


  • Click ‘Add user’ on the right panel
Voip Connections-Add user

Voip Connections-Add user

  • Enter user details and click ‘Add user’


  • Sometimes you might get an error while adding user as shown below. Select user from drop down and once again click ‘Add User’


  • Then configuring General Settings


  • And configure Advanced Options. Leave Telephony as ‘PC-to-PC’. Once we assign phone number, we will update it to ‘Enterprise voice’.



In the list of users, Left click on the required user.


To edit the User information:

  • To edit the name, Display name, email address, click on the General Settings.
  • To change the telephony of the user, go to Advanced Settings.

By default all the users created will be PC to PC. Only if you want the user to have the privilege of EV, go to Advanced Settings and select Enterprise Voice in the drop down beside telephony in the page.

To change Password of the existing user:

Select the required user, Edit>Change Password. You will be directed to a page like the one below. You can enter the new password for the user and click Change Password. The Password for the user has been updated.


To Disable or Delete a User:

Click on the selected user, on clicking Disable in the sub-menu, you will disable the selected user and on clicking Delete, you will be deleting the user.

NOTE: You can re-enable a user if the user is disabled state but cannot undo a deleted user.


Happy Administration!!


In case of any issues, contact us at :