I am already paying for SFB online then why extra to VOIP-Connections?

This is the question many of our customers ask us. Why pay twice, we are already paying for O365 and SFB? What additional services are you offering for us? Very valid questions and it is worth our time to review what you are really paying for. Please check our blog on licensing that will help you to confirm what you are paying for to O365.  The most important differentiator is our service quality and we are offering a value that is more than Cost E5 license + Usage cost!

Here are few key differentiators:

Sr.No. Feature Microsoft VOIP Connections
1. PSTN Calling Microsoft offers monthly fixed amount of minutes that consists of both inbound calls originating from anywhere in the world and outbound domestic calls. VOIP connections offer unlimited calling to USA and CANADA landlines and mobiles. Also to landlines of UK. Incoming minutes, both international and domestic are FREE, no charge for the incoming minutes.
2. PSTN Conferencing Microsoft offers this as an addon to E5, E3 and E1 users. Once you have this enabled you need to prepay for covering the usage cost by prepaying money into a “wallet” knows as PSTN Consumption billing. This money will be used by the meeting organizer to pay for the usage charges incurred when participants join the conference by dialing into the bridge numbers. Organizer can also dial out to domestic or International numbers by paying for the minutes from the PSTN Consumption billing. In the VOIP Connections offering, incoming charges for regular bridge numbers for majority of the countries is FREE. Dial out from the bridge to USA, CANADA and UK Landlines is FREE. We keep updating the countries we offer free minutes. Please contact us for the updated list of countries we offer free outbound calls. The OPEX cost in our solution is less and doesn’t go up with usage.
3. Cloud PBX Microsoft offers not a true Cloud PBX, a lot of traditional features are missing. VOIP Connections has a fully functional Cloud PBX that is feature rich. Reporting is included in the package. You get real time call activity, performance reports and call logs from this reporting servers. Completely integrated with an analytical tool that can generate real time reports of the calls and agents.
4. Hybrid SIP and SFB accounts Individual SIP accounts are not available with Microsoft in their current offerings. VOIP Connections also offer a hybrid solution of SIP phone for “common areas, Warehouse and Public Address system” of the office to save on the costing.
5. Pooled minutes Not much information available on pooled minutes from Microsoft. VOIP Connections designed a solution for the industry where we have super users that are using up the minutes while few other light users that hardly using their assigned minutes. We pool them at the customer level.
6. 24 * 7 support Microsoft support depends on the SLAs purchased by the user. All VOIP Connection users get PREMIUM support over email, phone and Skype for Business to help their Unified Communication platform.
7. Supporting Lync enabled room based systems and desk phones Microsoft offers this as an addon through their partner network. VOIP Connections offers this service to get your room based systems integrated with SFB.
8. Customized solutions Microsoft offers customization at an addition cost through their partner network. Customized solutions for HR, Medical and Educational fields are available with VOIP Connections. Please feel free to contact us to know more about the solutions for these verticals.

Thank you for your time and please share your feedback and comments. Call us for additional details on how we can become your technology partner for the Unified Communication needs.