September 2, 2016

Ransomware & Voicemail Notifications

Technology evolves when some creative minds use the existing infrastructure and tools for destructive purposes or their amusement. Using email attachments to spread malware is so old fashioned; the new trend is sending them through voice mail attachments. With the advent of Unified Communication, the proliferation of Voicemails being sent from phone systems to your email is very common. Until antivirus teams find a way to detect and quarantine these type of malware, please be careful in opening Voicemail attachments that look suspicious.

If your company or organization receives voicemail files that are distributed via email then your users should be informed and trained to recognize those emails.

One key tip-off for identifying this malware voicemail notification is the format of the attachment. It is not the typical .WAV or MP3 files that are generated and distributed by automated voicemail systems. These attachments come in a variety of other file formats including .ZIP, .PDF, or .DOC (M). These should be immediately deleted. Also, notify your internal IT support teams of the same.

Together, let’s wish good luck to the Antivirus teams to create tools to fight and protect our digital world.