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Nihilent White Client Preface: Nihilent

Headquartered in Pune, India, with branches in Mumbai, Johannesburg, London and San Jose, Nihilent is a SEI CMMI® Level 5 & ISO 9001:2000 certified global consulting and solutions Integration Company.


Business Situation

Nihilent was using VSNL (Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited) India’s phone carrier for international calls with their international clients as well as within its five branches. One of the major clients of Nihilent was based in Johannesburg, South Africa and communication was needed on daily basis. The use of VSNL long distance was not very cost effective for both Nihilent and its clients.


Seeking Solutions

Nihilent in search of options approached VOIP-Connections Pune branch office seeking a VoIP solution and figure out how the solution could provide them with a positive Return on Investment (ROI) compared to their current VSNL international service.

VOIP-Connections provided Nihilent with a Proof-of-Concept by connecting its three branch offices in Pune, Mumbai and Johannesburg. VOIP-Connections also made available a report showing the positive ROI and the cost savings that VoIP implementation could achieve for Nihilent.

VOIP-Connections solution impressed Nihilent’s decision making team as the option was not only cost effective but also provided Nihilent with all the features of any normal PBX system and more. After weighing costs and benefits of VOIP-Connections solution, Nihilent decided to move forward with the implementation of new system by VOIP-Connections.


Implemented Solution

VOIP-Connections connected the PBX’s of all five offices with their Hosted PBX Solution. Once implemented, Nihilent had a new phone system that was not only cost effective but also had more features than legacy phone systems. For the end users, the entire operation was completely transparent as the new system seamlessly integrated with existing telephone setup on their desk. They can call their colleagues at all five locations by merely dialing their telephone extension numbers.

VOIP-connections also provided local numbers for Nihilent in Johannesburg, London and San Jose. Nihilent customers in those locations could directly call the local number instead of the international number to reach their Pune Headquarters in India. Also the calls from the local numbers were directly routed to any of the five linked offices.



Benefits of the new system are profound. VoIP Solutions from VOIP Connections not only saved Nihilent money on long distance and international charges, but also improved communication by seamless integration of their branch offices. The solution also offered host of other features such as call forwarding, e-mail accessible voicemail, and more.

  • Long Distance Charges: Nihilent offices are geographically dispersed, Hosted PBX solution provided them with great cost savings
    Linking Branch offices: Nihilent had lot of calls traveling between offices, the VoIP solution gave them an opportunity to reduce voice costs.
  • Improved ROI: Low up-front costs and reduced operational costs resulted in a much improved ROI
    Linking to clients: Nihilent’s customer satisfaction was much improved as customers were provided with local phone numbers and they did not have to incur any international phone charges.
  • Voice mail to E-Mail Integration: Each phone number / extension is / can be assigned to an e-mail address. All voice mails are automatically forwarded as e-mails. This enhances the flexibility and mobility as the user no longer needs their phones to check their voice mails.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Web Portal is made available for all users (specifically useful for administrators) so that they can monitor the usage level from anywhere with internet access.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Easily configurable IVR option available not only for the company but also for individual users of the system.
  • Scalability: The Hosted PBX can easily scale with the company needs with much lower costs.
  • Full Standard Feature Set: The solutionalso provides all the standard benefits of the traditional PBX systems like Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Multi-Party Conferencing, Call Waiting and Do Not Disturb.


Meeting the Challenge

The following table depicts the comparison between the features of the previous long distance provider at Nihilent with the features of the new Hosted PBX system.

Feature Long distance provider Hosted PBX
Long Distance Charges High Low
Linking Branch Offices Costly Cost Effective
ROI Low High
Voice Mail to E-Mail Not Available Available
Real-time Monitoring Partial Available
Scalability Fixed and Finite High
Standard Features Available Available


Nihilent Profile

Nihilent Technologies, Ltd. operates as a consulting and systems integration company. It offers technical services, including component-based application development, technology re-engineering, business application support, enterprise application integration services, software testing, and information technology support/managed services; and consulting services comprising software process consulting, enterprise transformation, business process consulting, enterprise architecture and strategic information technology planning, and program management. The company provides services through its performance management tool, communication and collaboration tool, program management tool, and business software. Nihilent Technologies serves government, banking, securities settlement and clearing, network management services, airlines, automobile, retail, and manufacturing industries. The company operates in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Nihilent Technologies, Ltd. was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Pune, India with an additional office in Mumbai.

For more information about Nihilent services visit the Web site at:

Nihilent Company Description (2008) Business Week Retrieved November 11, 2008 from


VOIP-Connections Profile

VOIP-Connections is a premier dedicated point-to-point VOIP service provider between USA and India. The company provides highly reliable and cost effective phone service using VOIP technology. VOIP-Connections primarily cater to small and medium sized companies and home users.

For more information about VOIP-Connections product and services visit the Web site at:

American Headquarters Indian Headquarters
PO Box 2355,Issaquah, WA 98029
Ph & Fax:425 654 0592
D 205, Natasha EnclavePune, India
Ph & Fax: 020 4005 4580

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