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Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, AskMe is the world’s leading provider of enterprise knowledge management solutions.

Business Situation

AskMe was using a legacy Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system. One of the cards on the system failed and the vendor of the legacy system declined to support the system. The vendor wanted to upgrade to a newer version of the PBX. The move to the newer system was turning out to be a costly proposition as the upgrade included new switching equipment. The challenge for the company was to either go ahead with the upgrade or look out for other options.

Seeking solutions

AskMe in search of options learned about VOIP-Connections from the web. They reached out to figure out how VOIP-Connections could meet the challenge that AskMe was facing with our Hosted PBX solution.

VOIP-Connections presented a demo to AskMe the very next day and impressed the decision making team with the benefits of their Hosted PBX solution. The solution was not only cost effective but also provided AskMe with all the features of the legacy PBX and more. After weighing costs and benefits of our solution, AskMe decided to move forward with the implementation of new system by VOIP-Connections.

Implemented Solution

Benefits of the new system are profound. Once implemented, new IP phones were installed and configured to connect to the Hosted PBX servers. All the existing numbers were ported to the hosted PBX. For the end users entire operation was completely transparent and they had a new phone system that was not only cost effective but also had more features than legacy phone systems.


  • Low Up-Front Costs: No switches to buy, implying zero hardware costs to begin with. The solution is very cost effective, less expensive to deploy and manage.
  • Reduced Operational Costs: Benefit of up to 60% of original monthly costs.
  • Voice mail to E-Mail Integration: Each phone number / extension is / can be assigned to an e-mail address. All voice mails are automatically forwarded as e-mails. This enhances the flexibility and mobility as the user no longer needs their phones to check their voice mails.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Web Portal is made available for all users (specifically useful for administrators) so that they can monitor the usage level from anywhere with internet access.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR): Easily configurable IVR option available not only for the company but also for individual users of the system.
  • Scalability: The Hosted PBX can easily scale with the company needs with much lower costs.
  • Full Standard Feature Set: The solutionalso provides all the standard benefits of the traditional PBX systems like Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Multi-Party Conferencing, Call Waiting and Do Not Disturb.

Meeting the Challenge

The following Table depicts the comparison between the features of the previous Legacy PBX system at AskMe with the features of the new Hosted PBX system.

Feature Legacy PBX Hosted PBX
Up-Front Costs High Low
Operational Costs High 60% Less
Voice Mail to E-Mail Not Available Available
Real-time Monitoring Partial Available
Scalability Fixed and Finite High
Standard Features Available Available

AskMe Profile

The company’s products and services enable organizations make the most of their employees’ knowledge and expertise, enabling them to speed up research and development efforts, improve communication across departments and remote offices, and increase the effectiveness of other technology systems such as enterprise portals or document management systems. The company’s software captures and stores employees’ knowledge, provides shared access to documents, and enables staff to locate colleagues with specialized skills or expertise.

The company has customers across the world such as P&G, Novartis, Timken, PTC, Gerber, Dept. of Commerce and others in the US and NEC, NTT Software, Sony, Honda, Bank of Tokyo and others in Japan. Company’s expertise resides in the rapidly growing and high-impact market of emerging collaboration, social software and knowledge management technologies. This expertise and deep understanding of the corporate environments, infrastructure, culture, and business processes has been critical for company’s success.

The company has several offices in US, Japan and India to service customers globally.

For more information about AskMe product and services visit the Web site at:

VOIP-Connections Profile

VOIP-Connections is a premier dedicated point-to-point VOIP service provider between USA and India. The company provides highly reliable and cost effective phone service using VOIP technology. VOIP-Connections primarily cater to small and medium sized companies and home users.

For more information about VOIP-Connections product and services visit the Web site at:

American Headquarters Indian Headquarters
PO Box 2355,Issaquah, WA 98029
Ph & Fax:425 654 0592
D 205, Natasha EnclavePune, India
Ph & Fax: 020 4005 4580

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