November 17, 2010

How to dial Contacts from Outlook

  1. Download SIPTAPI from
  2. Unzip and install it as per Install doc in the zip file.
  3. The go to Control Panel and select ‘Phone and Modem Options’



4.  Select the ‘Advanced’ tab and click ‘Add’ button at the bottom of the screen.


5. Select ‘SIPTAPI Service Provider’ and click ‘Add’


6. You should see ‘SIPTAPI Service Provider’ as one of the providers.

7. Select ‘SIPTAPI Service Provider’ and click ‘Configure’


8. Under SIP Configuration

  1. For the ‘SIP Domain’, enter
  2. If your phone is connected to Desktop / laptop enter the IP address and SIP port of the phone as ‘SIP Outbound’ proxy

9. Under ‘User Information’

  1. Enter the username
  2. Enter the password

10. Click Apply and click OK.


11. Open Outlook and ‘Select’ a contact. Click the ‘Phone’ icon on the menu bar. Select phone number you want to dial.


12. Click ‘Dialing Options..’ and select ‘SIPTAPI’ under ‘Connect using line’


13. Click OK to save.


14. Click ‘Start Call’ to initiate the call. Your desk phone should ring first and then it will dial the number selected for the contact.

15. In order to dial correctly from Outlook, make sure the phone numbers are formatted correctly. For US numbers, it should be 1, area code and phone number. For e.g. 1 425 201 1100. For international numbers, it should be formatted as country code, area code and phone number. For e.g. for London UK, 44 22 xxx xxxxx. No need to have prefix + or 011 or 00 before the phone numbers.

Any questions, please contact VOIP Connections support team.