The Team

Ojasvi Sinha, MCA

Director of Services

Where will you be when the next big wave of the “Internet of All Things” hits us? Will you still be using a landline? Call us to now to talk about getting you set up for the future.

Lisa White

Director of Operations

Operating from your office or home, the choice is yours. We make all the provisions to let you make that comfortable choice. I know this because that’s how I run our operations.

Balaji NJL

Balaji NJL

Chief Executive Officer

Your  ROI on VoIP is what I care about. If you haven’t decided on a VOIP implementation for your company yet and want to understand the benefits of VOIP, call me.

Nagesh Venkata

CEO, Operations India

Communication Technology is fuelling Globalisation! The world is shrinking, so should your costs! Virtually unifying your global teams is my mission! Mobility and productivity gain is our commitment.

Lalitraj Mujumdar

VP, Sales and Marketing

A good relationship starts with good communication. Seeing is better than hearing! We at VOIP Connections Unify Global Teams, we ensure everyone is on the same page literally!

Who We Are

VOIP Connection is one of largest VOIP service provider dedicated to 'Connecting Enterprises' across the globe. The company is located in Seattle, WA, USA, home to some of the greatest companies in the world. Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Starbucks are some of them.

VOIP Connections was formed by ex Microsoft executives who strongly believe that VOIP is going to be next Internet of the world. VOIP will change the way we communicate with one another. Traditional phone numbers and phone lines are going to be history.

If you haven't decided whether VOIP can be implemented for your company and want to understand the benefits of VOIP, contact us. We can do a 'Return of Investment' (ROI) and show you the benefits of implementing VOIP for your company.

VOIP Connections is currently a privately owned company. If you are interested in investing in VOIP Connections, contact our ‘Investor Relations’ department by email at ‘ You can also reach us by phone at 425.201.1100.Investor Relations Team