October 5, 2010

How to access VOIP Connections online portal

To access the portal, browse to url

Username: <emailaddress>

Password: webpassword

Login Screen


Once authenticated, you will get the following screen.

VOIP Connections Portal Screen


Phone Status

To check the status of various phones, select ‘features’ and click on ‘Telephone Lines’. You will get status of all phones. If there is ‘Red flag’ next to a phone number then the phone is not active. In the following screen, you can notice that Mumbai and Pune are currently active. Clicking on the phone number gives their current status. (This screen shot may not be relevant to your list of phones)

Telephone Status Screen


Call Reports

To create a log of call data records, click “Reports” click “Call History’. Change the start and end dates and generate reports accordingly. Reports can be exported as csv files for further analysis.

Reports Screen



  • Do not create any additional users or telephones. The system will automatically change $15 for every account / telephone you create.
  • Do not change/delete any settings. Doing such thing will mess up your telephone settings. Just stick to the steps mentioned above.

Call forward

To set call forwards, click “Features, Telephone Lines”.


Click “27018852 Himanshu Mandgae” .


Scroll down to section “On refusal, busy, or no answer, forward to:” . Currently it is configured to forward the calls to voice mail.


If you want to forward it to your India phone number then select ‘External number’ and enter the phone number without any spaces or dashs (-). The phone should be in the format country code, area code and phone number. For e.g. in case of US number enter 14252011100, for Mumbai, India number 9122 and the phone number. Click ‘Save’ to save the settings. When you want to revert it back, select the option ‘Voice mail box’. Please test the after making changes.


Note: Just stick to the tasks mentioned in this document. Any other changes will make your phone in operable.

Contact VOIP Connections support if you have any questions.