March 4, 2013

How to configure SNOM 821 for VOIP Connections

Thanks for selecting VOIP Connections as you phone service provider.

Following steps will help you to configure your SNOM 821 for VOIP Connections.

  1. First connect the phone to your network and power it up
  2. Find the IP address of the phone by using ‘Menu’ button on the phone and Select System information.
  3. Connect to the phone using your browser https://<ip address>. Please note you can connect to phone using https only.
  4. Make sure the phone uses latest firmware. If you know the firmware location, you can enter the url under Setup – Software update.


5. After phone reboots, connect to the phone using browser.

6. Select Setup – UC Account Data – ID1 and enter your credentials as follows

    • SIP URI : <firstname.lastname>
    • Username:<firstname.lastname>
    • Password: <your password>


7. Click ‘Apply’ and phone will reboot

8. After rebooting, browser will prompt for username and password, enter

    • Username:<firstname.lastname>
    • Password: <your password>


9. After logging in, select Setup – ‘Identity 1’


10. In ‘outbound proxy’ enter;transport=tls

11. Click, Apply and Re-Register. If you get option to save settings, click to save.

    • Mailbox information will be auto populated.

12. Select RTP tab under ‘Configuration Identity 1’

    • Use codec pcmu, pcma
    • Media transport Offer ‘UDP

13. Click Apply and reboot the phone if required


14.  After reboot, check Status – System information. If everything is ok then you should see SIP Identity 1 status as ‘ok’