December 21, 2012

How to configure Xavy – third party Lync app for Smart phones that works on Wifi


We really wanted a Lync app that would work on Wifi instead of using cell phone minutes. We came across Xavy app from Damaka and we decided to try it.

Download and install Xavy from respective smart phone AppStore

  1. Run the Xavy app

Xavy Start screen

2. Enter your credentials as shown below.

Sign in Address: <your SIP Sign in URI>
User name: <your domainusername>
Password: <your password>

Xavy Credentials screen

3. Click the Server icon and make sure ‘Automatic configuration’ is selected

Xavy Server Setup

4. Click ‘Ok’ and click ‘Signin’

5. Xavy app will redirect to Xavy website to register

Xavy website to register

6. Complete the registration details on the website and click ‘Submit’. A registration confirmation screen appears as shown below.

Xavy website completed registration    Registration Confirmation

7. Switch to Xavy and ‘Signin’ again. If you are credentials are correct, you should be able to see all your contacts as shown below.

Xavy Contacts screen   Xavy Contact details

8. While logging onto different domain, you might get a SIP redirection warning. You can choose to accept it.

Xavy Sip redirection warning

9.  Click the ‘Dial pad’ to make outbound PSTN calls

Xavy Dialpal

10. During incoming PSTN call, an incoming call screen pops, click the ‘Accept’ to answer the call

Incoming PSTN call

11. Click ‘Voicemail’ to get your voice mails

Voice mails   Voice mails

We made few incoming and outgoing calls and they all work as expected. The beauty of this app is that it works on Wifi instead of using your cell phone minutes. This is a great feature for our offshore team because we no longer need to incur international call charges to talk to your team.

We will continue to test this app in coming weeks but so far we like it.


VOIP Connections Tech team