December 13, 2015

How to integrate Polycom Real Presence Group Series with Hosted ‘Skype for Business’ server by VOIP Connections

Prerequisites to have before integrating Polycom Real Presence Group Series with Hosted Skype for Business by VOIP Connections

  • LYNC / Skype For Business (SFB) interoperability license should be purchased from Polycom\
  • Download certificates from LYNC / Skype For Business (SFB) server ( CA, Server, Client certificates)
  • The software version of Polycom group series should be the latest version. (Please check the latest releases on

If you have an older software version, download the latest version from and upload the .tar file, following the path below

ADMIN SETTINGS> General settings> Options> Manual software Updates.

  1. After files are uploaded the button prompts for TRANSFER
  2. Click Transfer to push files to Polycom device
  3. You will need a new key code from Polycom if you have upgraded the system software

The Polycom codec with the basic settings of language, country, username and time zone have to be set as shown in the user guide or admin guide. Click the URL below to download the user guide.


  1. Configure Network Settings:

To configure the Unit with your network, go to

ADMIN SETTINGS> Network> LAN Properties> IP address

  • Select ‘Enter IP address manually’ if you want to assign a fixed IP for the codec. Or select ‘Obtain IP address automatically’ to fetch an IP from the DHCP server
  • Enter the IP address assigned for the Codec, gateway and the subnet for the network
  • Enter the ‘DNS server’ details in the next tab under the same section of Network> LAN properties > DNS Server

After entering all the details, SAVE the settings



  1. Activate the LYNC / Skype For Business (SFB) license:

Procuring the License key code: The LYNC / SKYPE FOR BUSINESS (SFB) license has to be purchased from the Polycom. The key code will be given by the End Point distributor.

Activation of the License:

  • To activate the Codec with the key code go to

ADMIN SETTINGS> General settings> Options

  • Enter the Key and SAVE
  • Activated codec will look as below – This will have the Interoperability license, Multipoint video conferencing license other services purchased from Polycom


  1. Authenticate the codec with the LYNC / SKYPE FOR BUSINESS (SFB) or Skype for Business account details

To enter the SIP account details, enable the SIP option under

ADMIN SETTINGS> Network> IP Network> SIP

After enabling the SIP feature, enter the details

  • SIP server registration –> Specify
  • Transport protocol –> Auto
  • BFCP transport preference –> Prefer TCP
  • Sign-in address –> LYNC / SKYPE FOR BUSINESS (SFB) sign-in address
  • Username –> LYNC / SKYPE FOR BUSINESS (SFB) sign-in address
  • Click on the password check-box to enter password
  • Registrar server –>
  • Registrar server type –> select Microsoft from the drop down menu.

Save the settings . The registration status changes to Registered.

Screen will look like the image below


  1. Turn on the AES encryption:

To turn on the AES encryption, go to

ADMIN SETTINGS> Global security> Encryption

Select ‘Required for all calls’ from the drop down menu under Require AES encryption for calls and save the changes.


  1. Upload the certificates:

Procuring Certificates: You will require server certificate details from your LYNC / Skype For Business (SFB) provider.  VOIP Connections customers can reach us at to get the Certificates.  Once you have these certificates you can upload them to the server.

Uploading certificates: To upload the certificates procured from the server, go to

 ADMIN SETTINGS> Security> Certificates> Certificate options

  • Click on add certificates
  • Click on browse
  • Add the CA certificate and CA Server and Client Certificate

You are now done with setting up and integrating your Polycom Real Presence Group series Unit with Microsoft LYNC / SKYPE FOR BUSINESS (SFB) server hosted by VOIP Connections.



There are two interfaces that a user/ admin can use to make calls from the Polycom Group Series,

  • Using the web portal interface
  • Using the Polycom interface projected on the screens.

How to make a call from the POLYCOM Web portal or the Admin panel ?

You can access the web portal of the Polycom Equipment by entering the IP assigned to the unit.

** NOTE: To access Polycom Admin/web portal of your endpoint from your Laptop or the desktop, they should be in the same network of the Polycom Unit. **

Redialling your Recent calls list : You can call your recent called contacts or ID’s or even the PSTN numbers by scrolling the Recent calls list on to the right and selecting the desired entity to make a call.


Call the PSTN Numbers or SfB ID manually: You can manually dial a call to a SKYPE FOR BUSINESS/LYNC ID by entering the ID in the text box, after clicking the Manual Dial option and also you can make a PSTN call by typing in the number with the country code before the number. (Suppose, to call a mobile in India, you dial +91 **** *** ***)


Dialling a contact:  Search for contacts of your SfB account in the search bar and click on them to make a call.


Dialling form the Speed Dial: You can also save a few ID’s or numbers to the speed dail list to make a quick call.


Call progress screen:


In-Call screen: You can see the call control options on the top. This helps you manage the call from the web portal.


How to make a call using a Polycom Interface?

Manage calls:

Please follow the steps below on How to Manage calls




The above information, under Manage calls has been fetched from the Polycom Real Presence User Guide 5.0.0, September 2015 release.


Home Screen:


After selecting the call option, screen will display the recent calls:


PSTN dial-in screen using Polycom Unit remote:


PSTN dialing using the virtual keyboard:


You can type the contact name or the SfB ID in the address bar to make a call. You can access the remote to type or you can use the virtual keyboard by selecting the keyboard option on the screen.

Dialling Screen using the Virtual Keyboard:


Recent Call history screen:


Dial-out screen:


Alert after the user accepts the call:


Incoming call alert will appear:


The screen after ending a call will look like this:


Integration of Polycom Real Presence Group Series with SKYPE FOR BUSINESS (SfB) is complete. Go ahead and start calling. If you face any issues, reach us out at

Happy Video Conferencing!!