March 15, 2014

How to Provision Polycom VVX series phones using ZTP for Lync Enterprise Voice

Thank you for selecting VOIP Connections as your Lync Enterprise voice service provider.

Following steps will help you to configure Polycom VVX series phones using Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) for VOIP Connections.

  1. Please send the MAC address of the VVX phones to VOIP Connection’s support team. MAC address is located behind the phone and it usually starts with 0004F
  2. Connect the phone to your network and power it up
  3. Find the IP address of the phone by using ‘Home’ button on the phone and select ‘Settings – Status – Network – IP address’
  4. Connect to the phone using your bowser http://<ipaddress>. Login as ‘admin’ and password 456
  5. Update to latest firmware using top menu ‘Utilities – Software update’ 
  6. Phone will automatically reboot after upgrade
  7. During the reboot process, click ‘Cancel’ to get into phone boot menu
  8. Select ‘Setup’ and enter password 456
  9. Select ‘Provisioning Server’ from the menu
  10. Set ZTP as ‘Enabled’
  11. Exit and Save Config to reboot the phone again
  12. During boot process, phone will contact ZTP server and download respective provisioning files
  13. If everything is successful, phone will boot up with the following screen
  14. Select ‘More’ and then ‘Sign In’
  15. Select ‘User Credentials’
  16. Enter your credentials as follows
    • Sign-in address : <lync sign-in id>
    • Domain:
    • User:  <your alias>
    • Password:  <lync password>
    • Select ‘Sign-in’ to sign in using your credentials.
  17. On successful sign in, your phone number/extension and contacts will appear as below.
  18. You should be able to make and receive PSTN calls using the key pad. You can also call your contacts by selecting them from the screen.

Note: For meetings and reminders to work on the phone, your ‘Lync sign-in id and password’ and ‘Outlook sign-in id and password’ should exactly match

Feel free to reach out to VOIP Connection’s support team if you face any issues.