January 18, 2015

How to record calls in Lync 2013 aka Call Recording

One of the typical requirements from users is that they want to record calls using Lync. Lync, out of the box, provides the ability to record one-to-one and also conference calls. The process to record calls is similar in both scenarios.
Recording one-to-one calls
1. Sign-in to Lync client as usual

2. Click on the ‘Options’ icon and select ‘Meet Now’

3. Lync will initial a Conference call

4. Click the icon ‘Invite More People’
5. You can either choose a contact or type a name or phone number
6. Lync client then connects the contact to the conference call
7. Click ‘More Options’ icon (…) at the bottom right-hand corner and select ‘Start Recording’
8. Lync client starts recording the call. Make sure to tell the participant(s) that you are recording the call
9. To stop recording, click the stop button down below
10. Lync automatically starts processing recorded message and it would take some time to complete processing of the message
11. Once processing is complete, the recorded call is available in Microsoft Lync Recording Manager
Recording Conference calls
In case of conference calls, you are already in step # 6, follow rest of the steps to record the conference call