January 18, 2015

How to schedule meetings with Lync Web Scheduler

Lync based meetings can be scheduled in three ways.
1. Using Outlook
2. Using ‘Meet Now’ option on Lync client and
3. Using ‘Lync Web Scheduler’

To schedule meetings using Lync web scheduler, follow these steps

1. Go to url –
2. Login using your credentials. You don’t need to enter your name as domain\username, just enter your Lync sign-in id, for e.g.
3. Enter your Lync password

4. Under ‘Create New Meeting’, enter appropriate meeting information and time etc
5. Leave ‘Participants and Audio’ blank
6. Click Save and copy the meeting details

7. Open Outlook and create a meeting invite as required. And in the body, copy the Lync meeting details

8. And click ‘Send’.
9. To join the meeting, participants can either click the Lync url or dial-in using the phone numbers provided.
Feel free to reach out ‘VOIP Connections support team’ in case of any issues.
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