October 21, 2016

Setup guide for Yealink T40P Skype for Business SIP telephone

Thank You for selecting VOIP Connections as your phone service provider.
Following steps will help you to setup your Yealink T40P Skype for Business SIP telephone for VOIP Connections:

  • Connect the phone to your network and power it up.
  • An administrator or a user can configure IP phones via web user interface. The default user name and password for the administrator to log into the web user interface are both “admin” (case-sensitive).

To access the web user interface from your PC:

  • Press the OK key on the phone when the phone is idle to obtain its IP address.
  • Open a web browser on your computer, and enter the IP address in the address bar (e.g.,
  • Press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Enter the user name (default: admin) and password (default: admin) in the login page and click Confirm.Setup-Yealink-T40P-1

To check the of Version and Network details via web user interface:

  • Click on Status-> Status.Setup-Yealink-T40P-2

To sign into the Skype for Business Server:

  • Click on Account->Register.
  • Select User Sign in from the pull-down list of Mode.
  • Enter your Skype for Business user’s sign-in address (e.g. in the Login address field.
  • Enter your Skype for Business user name (e.g. in the Register Name field.
  • Enter the sign-in password in the Password field.Setup-Yealink-T40P-3
  • Click Sign In and the Register Status will change to registered.Setup-Yealink-T40P-4

If further assistance needed, please contact us at: