Migrate from Jajah to VOIP Connections Hosted Lync with Enterprise voice for Office 365 Customers

Welcome Jajah customers. We provide an easy migration from your existing Jajah service to VOIP Connections hosted Lync for Office 365 Lync Enterprise voice. Since you are already using Jajah, your Office 365 account must be already configured but we will double check your settings on the portal. We follow these steps to migrate from Jajah.

  1. Send us list of users in your team and type of hardware and software you have for the phone service 1.Lync version and make and model of physical phones if any
  2. We need to make DNS updates as mentioned in this blog . If Jajah configured Unified Messaging then you can ignore rest of the steps in the blog
  3.  We will send a number porting request document, please complete it and send it back to us to port your current number

Following are some of the key differences between Jajah and VOIP Connections Lync service

  • We provide unlimited minutes (inbound and outbound) to US, Canada and UK (UK landlines only)
  • Audio conferencing service is included in the plan
  • We integrate with Office 365 email, meaning when someone leaves a voice mail, you will get it as an email attachment and also voice mail transcribed into text (aka Exchange online Unified Messaging integration)
  • We support Lync phones like Polycom CX 600 / 300 and Snom 821
  • We port your existing phone numbers and so you don’t need to worry about losing your current numbers

If you are interested in porting your service, please sign-up and we can get you started.