What is a Cloud PBX?

Cloud based phone system is a relatively new term meaning phone service that is delivered through the internet. In this terminology, the “cloud” is the internet. A synonymous term would be Internet Phone System.

The word “system” in cloud based phone system implies a group of phones working together, though it sometimes is used to mean the system of interconnections to make a single phone work over the internet. Since it usually means a group of phones, a cloud based phone system or internet phone system, then, typically mean a business phone system.

The main requirements of a cloud based phone system are the ability to deliver calls over the internet, route inbound calls to the correct workers inside a company, and provide telephony applications like voicemail and call recording.

The biggest advantage of Cloud PBX is that, no matter where your offices are located, all of them can be connected to the same instance of Cloud PBX. Employees from one office can connect to another by just dialing internal extension number.

Could PBX VoIP is an intelligent and cost-effective solution for small and medium sized businesses. Cloud, also known as ‘Hosted’ simply refers to the product being hosted by the provider instead of being installed on-site. A typical Cloud PBX company will handle call routing and switching at their specific location, and are also designed to manage all the PBX equipment and software utilized in your virtual PBX service. You will also still be receiving the added benefits of voicemail, call blocking, conference calling, call auditing, call logs, faxing and automated messages.

How does it work?

Cloud PBX is just like using a normal phone line but there is one major difference – how the actual call gets through to your telephone line. Rather than using the high priced telephone company’s infrastructure, VOIP directs your calls straight to your phone by using your high speed internet connection. Using your phone is just like normal, you will hear a dial tone, dial your numbers and make your call, hanging up when you done. The only major change is that you no longer need to pay crippling bills using your usual telephone company.

Callers dial your phone number or directly to an extension
Callers are greeted by a custom auto-attendant
Virtual PBX manages call routing through your company
Employees can work anywhere
Voice mail can be left on an extension and sent to a mail address

Using a Virtual PBX VoIP phone
Just pick up the VoIP phone and dial
No long-distance or inter branch charges
Direct dial extension-to-extension anywhere in South Africa

Cloud PBX VoIP offers a lower total cost of ownership with predictable and affordable monthly charges. This fully outsourced solution allows you to free up your budget allowing you to focus on your core business and maximize productivity. Since Cloud VoIP phone systems fall under operational expenditure as opposed to capital expenditure, they are also very attractive to many companies. Companies avoid the need to buy an expensive phone system and there are no installations or maintenance costs whatsoever.

With a Hosted PBX service you have the ability to connect numerous offices and employees in a single system. It is very flexible and scalable too as resources will not be wasted should you hire more employees or reduce their amount. Your company could expand by thousands of employees and the Cloud service will still be able to meet these needs. Some businesses have even chosen to have no premises at all but rather use the Cloud PBX system to connect remote employees with their domestic telephones while still receiving the same features as any other PBX user.

A great feature of Cloud PBX VoIP is that businesses have the option to choose their own area code, even if they themselves are not located in the region. For instance, if many of your employees are based in New York but you find a lot of your clients and contacts in Los Angeles, the Cloud PBX service allows you to register your number in Los Angeles and treat all communications made there as local calls. Over time, this could save thousands of dollars compared with long distance calling. If this isn’t an issue for you, Cloud PBX also allows your company to choose their own number or keep it as it is.

Cloud BPX VoIP services are also very secure, with many companies utilizing modern firewalls and anti-virus protection to ensure that there are no unwanted breaches by hackers or intruders. Indeed, with VoIP telephony systems encrypting the data before it is even sent actually further enhances security.