FAQ – Mediation Gateway

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Mediation Gateway™

Mediation Gateway is a software application that provides SIP trunking for Microsoft Lync 2010.

Mediation Gateway is a Linux based application and it requires a server grade machine, physical or virtual to operate. The operating system is bundled with the application. We will install and configure it for our Customers. The server machine configuration required for Mediation Gateway depends upon number of concurrent calls required in the Lync environment.

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No special hardware is required.

No, you don’t need PRI or PSTN lines. Mediation Gateway communicates securely via SIP to our hosted PBX.

Yes, it supports inbound and outbound calls to external PSTN numbers.

Yes, it supports dial-in numbers for Lync based conference calls.

Yes, we provide local numbers in any City / Country where ‘Voice Over IP’ is legally supported.

Yes, we provide toll free numbers in US and other countries for Lync based dial-in Conference Bridge.

Mediation Gateway® supports the following environments:

  • ‘On Premise’ – Lync servers are installed and configured within Customer’s premises or in private datacenter.
  • ‘Hosted’ – Lync servers are installed in a shared datacenter or ‘Amazon AWS Cloud’

Yes and yes.

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Yes, on Amazon AWS EC2 Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) with Lync ‘Enterprise Voice’ support.

A typical Mediation Gateway setup on Amazon AWS.

Yes, we are working on it. Please stay tuned for our next update.

The biggest advantage is – easy to ‘Scale up and down’

  • For e.g. if the Lync implementation was designed to handle 100 concurrent calls and say for ‘all hands meeting’ which requires support for 500 concurrent calls, once can easily change the server instance type for the short duration of the meeting to support the increased load and after that bring it down. No extra hardware required.
  • And during weekends and holidays (minimum load periods), one can change to smaller instance type and reduce operation cost.

Other advantages are:

  • Pay as you use
  • Easy to distribute the servers across multiple geographical locations

Sign up and we will provide access to our demo environment.

  • No specialized hardware required. Mediation Gateway application can be installed on standard server grade hardware
  • No physical machine required. Mediation Gateway can be installed on virtual machines
    Simple and easy to setup
  • External DIDs are mapped to Lync users
  • External DIDs are mapped as dial-in number for Lync based Conference Bridge
  • Mediation Gateway can be installed on Cloud based services like Amazon AWS

Here is Mediation Gateway architecture.