September 13, 2010

How to configure Grandsteam for VOIP Connections

  1. First check the voltage rating on the adapter. Make sure it supports the local voltage rating.
  2. Connect Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port.
  3. Connect the power and boot the Phone. By default the phone is set for DHCP
  4. It should automatically get IP address from DHCP server

Configuring the BudgeTone using a Web Browser

  1. Press the MENU button.
  2. Press the down arrow button one time. LCD displays: [2] IP Address
  3. Press the MENU button again to see IP address on display.
  4. Type the phone’s IP address in your PC browser.
  5. Log in to configure the phone
    1. User id : admin
    2. Password: <blank>

You would get the following screen.


Click the advanced Setttings


Replace the following:

SIP Server:

SIP User ID: username

SIP password: password

Name: Any Name

Leave rest to default settings.

Click update and reboot.

After rebooting, you should hear the dial tone. Contact support if you have any issues.